In order to enhance and to get a continuous patronage of Quality Assurance (QA) culture at different entities/departments of Dhaka International University (DIU), the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was constituted on 01 July 2015. The IQAC consists of seven (07) entities namely Law, CSE (Computer Science & Engineering), English, EETE (Electrical, Electronics, & Telecommunication Engineering), Business Administration, Pharmacy and Sociology. It is obvious that IQAC is a mutual endeavour between Dhaka International University and University Grants Commission (UGC), Bangladesh which is resolutely committed to ensure the practice of continuously improving quality culture, demonstrate responsibility and enhancement and thus, to satisfy the different stakeholders (Existing Students, Alumni, Academic and Non-Academic Staffs, Employer, etc.). The quality assurance areas covered by IQAC are based on governance, curriculum content design and review, student admission, progress and achievements, physical facilities, teaching-learning and assessment, student support services, staff and facilities, research and extension, as well as process management and continuous improvement. Having set up IQAC, a lot of workshops, training on different events and meetings are being conducted for improving the existing quality culture at different entities of this university. It is mentionable that IQAC itself conducted four (04) QAC (Quality Assurance Committee) meetings, 15 meetings which are related to IQAC fund, as well as 22 academic and non-academic training/workshops based upon Block Allocation till Nov. 2017. Moreover, to maintain an upgrading quality culture on teaching-learning methods and curriculum design, SA (Self-Assessment) Committees of different entities also conducted a lot of meetings with their faculty members. The External Peer Reviews (EPRs) of Law, CSE and English departments were successfully accomplished on 31 May-02 June 2017. Likewise, the EPRs of departments of Business Administration, Pharmacy, Sociology as well as EETE were fruitfully completed on 16-18 May, 25-27 May as well as on 13-15 July, 2017 respectively. Accordingly, all Reports of seven departments have already been submitted at QA (Quality Assurance) Unit, UGC after furnishing necessary improvement plans.